Update From High Camp...

Published Saturday, 14th January 2017


*1800hrs Saturday January 14th 2017

Rich phoned with an update from Mt Vinson....

"We are now at high camp (c3,750m/12,300ft) with views of Mt Shinn opposite.

We have had two very tough days carrying heavy weights up the mountain.

The plan is to go for the summit attempt tomorrow which will take around 12 hours to reach.

The weather and conditions looks favourable for it, it is currently about -32°C without wind-chill, which at the moment is not too strong but it is bitterly cold.

Everyone is tired, legs are tired but everybody is ready to go for it now.

We will set off around 7am (10am GMT)

Tom had a bit of a drama yesterday and nearly fell off the mountain! He had a bit of a slip, but he is completely fine and there are no injuries. It was just enough to remind us what we are doing and where we are... but team morale and spirits are high and everyone is ok.

Tomorrow is a big day and we are going for it!

Love to all back home"

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