Team MB'18: Days 9 & 10

Published Friday, 26th October 2018

The team had a relatively gentle 25km recovery ride on Day 9 then spent the remainder of the day resting and carb-loading in readiness for the final push.

They have encountered more kangaroos than people along the way, but yesterday was slightly different -

Team Leader Jonathan Thomson said:

"A number of people came to chat to us once they saw our very distinctive kit. They were mainly very interested in our story and could relate it to friends and relatives who had been damaged in various ways by the wars of the past half century"

Team MB'18 were up early on Day 10 and cycled for a mammoth 10 hours, covering over 90km of trail.

Lunch was prepared on their little gas stoves, and every opportunity to refuel and take on extra calories is essential to ensure they have enough energy for the long and challenging days.

A missed sign meant the team took a wrong turn and added an extra 8km to their long day. It was also the biggest climbing day of the trail so far, with over 4280ft of ascent, and every single one of them felt it in their legs despite the previous rest day!

They have now settled in for the night and are preparing for another huge day tomorrow!

Track every step of their journey here >>

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