Team MB'18: Days 3 & 4

Published Friday, 19th October 2018

Team MB'18 had an early start on Day 3 and were diverted along a section of road due to a controlled burn of a large area of bush. They soon found themselves back on the trail and headed in to Serpentine National Park, where the steep, rocky climbs and descents made for a testing afternoon in the heat.

At the end of the day they were rewarded for all their efforts when clear blue skies allowed them to enjoy the spectacular views of the North Dandalup Dam.

The rain hit hard during the night and the team had a damp start to Day 4. They cycled for a solid 5 hours through flooded sections of the trail before stopping in a small township for lunch and to stock up on supplies.

The team pushed on in the afternoon through cold and heavy rain, which later turned to warm sunshine.

They arrived at a little shelter, set in a forest of very tall jungle-like trees, which was to be their home for the night. Everyone was feeling tired but thoroughly delighted with their achievement of having now completed an epic 207km!

Team Leader Jonathan Thomson said:

"Riding the Munda Biddi is a surreal activity. It’s physically very demanding. Many of the tracks are in fact pretty good but some are diabolical. Even after selecting the very lightest gear the bike is carrying a big load as we live off it and move on it.

We take refuge in excellent wood and corrugated iron shelters that sit at about 40km intervals along the trail. Each is identical so it’s difficult to remember what we did where. But the countryside is just amazing, providing true “nourishment for the mind....”

A huge THANK YOU to everyone following the team.. your messages of support are much appreciated!

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