Team EVEREST 2019: The First Rotation..

Published Monday, 22nd April 2019

Yesterday was a busy day in camp as the team prepared their kit and equipment ahead of their first rotation.

Clothes were washed and dried in the heat of the morning sun, then kit laid out, checked and packed.

Later the clouds closed in, the temperature dropped and the snow fell, as is the way most days in Base Camp. An early dinner was followed by a few hours restless sleep.

An excited team gathered in the dining tent at 2am for a big bowl of hot apple porridge and cup of hot tea before heading towards the Khumbu Icefall in the dark.

Several long and arduous hours later the team made it to Camp 1!

Joe said:

"it was a serious and tough climb! The fixed lines and ladders helped, but the altitude was hard work. We are now resting at 6100m (20013 ft) which is very high! We are all tired but in good spirits, I think this was helped by the spectacular views of the Western Cwm at sunrise - it really was something else!

It is now snowing heavily up here, which is a bit of a relief from the sun!"

Brendan added:

"it was the toughest day for me and I feel exhausted... possibly too many layers and not enough fluids, but I struggled today.

The Commando Spirit and my climbing buddies definitely helped me through!!"

Team Everest are undertaking this epic challenge to the top of the World's highest mountain to prove that anything is possible if you put your mind to it, despite injury or mental health issues.

They hope to motivate and inspire others to seek help, overcome and even take on their own challenges.

They are also undertaking this extreme challenge to raise funds for The Royal Marines Charity

Please click the link to make a donation and help us reach our target >

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