Team EVEREST 2019: The 3rd Rotation

Published Wednesday, 8th May 2019

The team have arrived at a hot and slightly windy Camp 2 (6700m / 22000ft)

They left at 2am this morning in high spirits, ready to tackle the Khumbu Icefall for a 3rd time!

The team are carrying Inmarsat’s BGAN 510 which Brendan used to send images and this report back to Base Camp:

“Very tough day... Arrived at C2 in just under 9 hours, that’s including stuck in heavy traffic on the icefall. Soon as we reached Camp 1 we had a short break and made our way up the western Cwm in the intense heat towards C2. We are all extremely tired now and have just had some lunch. Feeling good though so no issues apart from needing to rest up and recharge”

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