Team EVEREST 2019: Summit Oxygen

Published Thursday, 4th April 2019

Another warm and muggy morning greeted the team this morning as they gathered outside for a training session with Neil Greenwood from Summit Oxygen.

Neil explained in detail how to use and operate the Summit Elite System that the team will be using from Camp 3 and beyond!

Everyone had the opportunity to try on the different sized facemasks, ensuring they all have the one that fits them best for maximum comfort and suitability.

Neil showed them how to adjust the air flow which is vital as it will enable each of them to control how much oxygen they use when climbing at high altitude.

They will be able to increase the flow when attempting a more strenuous section of the route, then reduce it again when progress is slowed to prevent them burning up oxygen unnecessarily.

The team will also need to be able to calculate how many minutes of oxygen they each have based on the flow rate, so notes were carefully made and a system put into place which will also be monitored from base camp.

Namgya made a final kit check after the training session and bags were re-packed ready for the expedition.

The team will leave Kathmandu at midnight for a 4-5 hour drive to Manthali Airport where they will board a flight for Lukla and the start of their Everest Base Camp trek!

Heavy grey clouds have now rolled in and the possibility of a thunderstorm is imminent, but it will not dampen the team's spirit!

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