Team EVEREST 2019: Scott's First Day in Base Camp

Published Monday, 22nd April 2019

"I woke to a really quite chilly start, breaking the ice off my bag is something we are now going to have to get used to up here at 17500ft and more.

The chill is short-lived though as around 8am the sun creeps from behind Mt Everest making way for some serious sun.

Used correctly this is a bit of a morale boost and makes washing and personal admin a bit of a treat.

The hot sun helps dry clothes and allows for an enjoyable birdbath in the sun without the risk of freezing certain body parts off!

The weather at the moment is somewhat predictable, but the mountain is certainly not. Before 11am we witnessed 4 reasonably sized avalanches, not on our proposed route through the icefall but not as far away as we would probably like...

The feeling in camp is good, strong and determined. As a team we have been through actions plans for every eventuality we may face on the mountain.

In the upcoming days we will check kit and rehearse skills and drills at the bottom of the icefall to ensure we are as confident as we possibly can be.

The team will also spend time relaxing, acclimatising, and mentally preparing ourselves to take on the World's highest mountain!"

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