Denali: Day 10 - Breaking Trail

Published Friday, 15th June 2018

The team did a back-carry to collect their cache near Windy Corner, which completely lived up to it's name, on Day 10!

They had to contend with 15 to 30 mph winds, but reasonably clear skies and sunshine kept it warm enough to make the move.

The strong winds meant the team had to break trail through knee-deep snow on the way down, and then had to do it all over again on the way up too!

It took them around 4 hours but was exhausting work and they were glad to arrive back at Camp 4 with all their kit and supplies.

Unfortunately a big blizzard is rolling in. Strong winds and heavy snowfall is forecast from tonight through til Monday which means the team will have to sit tight until it passes.

This is a little frustrating, however it will give them all an opportunity to rest up and recover before climbing the headwall to cache their kit at 5000m.

The team will undoubtedly pass the time eating, drinking, sleeping, telling stories... and shovelling lots of snow!

#65DNTeamDenali #BeyondInjury #MentalHealthMatters #RMfamily

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