Day 3: A Bubbling, White Crested and Slightly Confused Sea...

Published Monday, 30th April 2018

A beautiful, clear blue sky greeted the team as they prepared for Day 3 aboard the 'Leader'. Plenty of warm layers and hot cups of Birchall Tea were needed as a strong, cold northerly wind whipped around them resulting in a bubbling, white crested and slightly confused sea! Due to the very poor weather forecast for tomorrow they were unable to sail too far West but still managed to do some excellent training on different sails and continued learning about what nautical life might have been like when wind, manpower and muscle was all there was.

65 Degrees North Patron and team member Jonathan Thomson said: "Our Team of 12 have been a bit knocked around by events over the years so many are having to make physical adjustments. Seven eyes don’t work very well, one knee is made of metal and its leg needs recharging every day; several other knees are either very worn or have been replaced. One hip is artificial and one other leg can only manage a shuffle. This all means that as a Team we aren’t that agile on a platform that moves unpredictability as it navigates the waves. I’m impressed by the way in which we are all coping."

With the weather closing in from the East tomorrow the team plan to move early and head to Salcombe. We would like to say a very big THANK YOU to everyone following and supporting this expedition and if you would like to make a small donation to our JustGiving Page it will be very much appreciated! > #Leader18 #BeyondInjury #RMFamily #MentalHealthMatters #LifeIsAnAdventure

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