'The Reality of This Epic Challenge'

Published Sunday, 10th May 2015

After a hearty breakfast on Saturday the team left Kangerlussuaq (Søndre Strømfjord) and were driven about 30km to the spectacular edge of the ice cap, known as Point 660, passing the magnificent Russell Glacier along the way.

They skied for about 8 hours before setting up camp for their first night on the ice cap!

Peter and the team were awake at 5am and  slowly made their way through the labyrinth of ice and snow on a steep glacier in a biting cold wind and a temperature of around -15°C

Team doctor Meinir fell down a crevasse on the treacherous ice field which left her and the team a little shaken up. She fell to about thigh high but was uninjured and after a warm drink the team continued.

Peter took a tumble next which caused his leg to fall off..

This is the reality of this epic challenge... the team are facing very real dangers and hazards and they are being tested physically and mentally.

They have all been well prepared to cope with these situations and are determined to continue.

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