#FollowTheFlag ... THEY DID IT!!

Published Sunday, 21st January 2018

Rich, Brendan and the Flag have made it to the 'Roof of the Americas'!!

At 6.30pm (GMT) on Sunday 21st January 2018 they stood on the summit of Mt Aconcagua proudly holding the same flag that Simon Brooke held on 31 December 1999 in celebration of the Millennium.

They phoned Simon's Mum and Dad, Mike and Pippa, on Inmarsat's #iSatPhone2 to inform them the flag had reached the summit, which was undoubtedly an emotional moment for them all.

Rich said: "today has been the toughest thing I have ever done, it was horrendous at times and it just went on and on... saying goodbye to Danny and Al less than 600m from the top was devastating, but it was the right thing to do. Brendan and I pushed on literally giving it everything we had left in us to reach the summit"

At 6,962m (22841ft) it is the highest mountain that 65 Degrees North has undertaken.. and it was a mammoth challenge!

Every single team member gave it their very best!

Simon's story and flag pushed them on through the hardest of struggles... their team spirit and sense of purpose never once faltered, but despite all their effort and determination Jason, Al and Danny were beaten by the high altitude on this massive unrelenting mountain.

Rich and Brendan will now make their way back to Camp Colera where Jason, Al and Danny will no doubt have a hot cup of Birchall Tea waiting for them to celebrate their safe return.

This has been an epic expedition for the team, and together they can all be very proud of their outstanding achievement!

To read the story behind #FollowTheFlag please click on the link > http://www.65degreesnorth.co.uk/the-story-behind-followthe…/

#ACO2018 #RMfamily

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