#FollowTheFlag... Day 9

Published Wednesday, 17th January 2018

The team set off this morning for Camp Guanacos (Camp 3) carrying all the food, kit and equipment that they will need for remainder of their ascent to the summit.

The testing and difficult terrain proved challenging for the team as they navigated the loose scree, rocks, snow and ice up the steep col.

Some of the team soon began to feel the effects of the altitude: mild headaches, fatigue, nausea and shortness of breath, which are all very normal symptoms at this level of high altitude.

Once they reached the camp (5400m) the team made a phone call on the #iSatPhone2 to CGRM Major General Rob Magowan MBE which was a huge morale-boost to them all.

Team leader Rich said: "It was a very uplifting conversation and I was glad to report that the team are all doing well. These phone calls are so important to us and would not be possible without the support and sponsorship from Inmarsat for which we are so grateful"

The team spent some time acclimatising and taking in the spectacular views of the surrounding mountains before heading back down to Camp 1 for the night.

Al had a particularly rough day and the altitude got the better of him. He went for a lie down as soon as he reached Camp 1 but was soon feeling well enough to join the team for the live Facebook chat.

Jason empathised with him, being the only other team member who has really struggled so far with the altitude: "I know how Al is feeling and it's not nice, all I can say is it makes you feel pretty rough. I can finally report that I'm feeling pretty good today for a change! I am having a good day and feeling strong"

Loss of appetite and difficulty with sleeping are also common symptoms of being at altitude, (certain team members snoring doesn't help much either!) so it is essential that the team eat well, rest whenever possible and hydrate fully.

They are currently on schedule and the weather forecast looks good for tomorrow's move to Camp 3.

Morale remains high and Simon's flag continues to be a focus as it is passed around the team each morning.

#FollowTheFlag #ACO2018 #RMfamily

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