#FollowTheFlag.... Day 7

Published Monday, 15th January 2018

Last night the team ate their evening meal wearing their summit jackets as the temperature dropped drastically and the snow began to fall.

It had mostly melted by the time the team had prepared their kit and eaten a nutritious breakfast to set them up for the long day ahead.

It was another physically tough day navigating the loose scree and the team were battered by ferocious winds as they climbed ever higher towards Camp 1.

Brendan carried the flag today and admits it was his toughest day so far, he said: "I found it particularly hard going today, perhaps because we had already done it once and I knew what to expect. Trekking up the loose scree was like walking in sand at times and was physically challenging. Having Simon's flag was a great help to me"

They enjoyed spectacular views but the frozen pools of water gave a good indication of how cold it was!

These frozen pools are also their water source so the team have to break the ice with their axes and melt it for essential fluids.

Despite the low temperatures and fierce wind they arrived at Camp 1 (4850m) tired but in good spirits and Danny would like to say a huge thank you for all his incredible birthday messages!

The team will be hoping to get a good sleep tonight to prepare them for the acclimatisation walk to Camp Guanacos (5400m) tomorrow as Simon's flag climbs ever closer towards the summit..

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