#FollowTheFlag ... Day 6 at Base Camp

Published Sunday, 14th January 2018

The team enjoyed spectacular views of the mountains last night as a stunning sunset lit up the sky.

The temperature dropped rapidly during the night and evidence of a light snowfall clung to the outside of the tents.

Al handed Jason the flag this morning to keep close to him for another rest and acclimatisation day at Base Camp.

Thoughts of Simon are never far from their minds and they had the opportunity to chat to Simon's Dad, Mike Brooke, via the #IsatPhone2 which was a huge morale boost for them.

The team also checked in with Professor David Shearer who joined the team for their training package on Mt Blanc in December.

David has worked closely with them all to help prepare mentally for this challenge and he was able to remind them of the techniques they learned during training.

Having the ability to speak with the support team is crucial and would not be possible without the #IsatPhone2 provided by Inmarsat.

The team have spent the day preparing for the move to Camp 1 tomorrow and catching up with all the incredible messages of support which are keeping them all in high spirits so a huge thank to you all!

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