#FollowTheFlag... Day 12

Published Saturday, 20th January 2018

The flag and the team have arrived at Camp Colera!

They are now settled in their tents at 6000m (19685ft)

It has been brutal day with heavy snowfall and strong winds at times making their trek even more challenging.

Carrying around 70lbs (30kg) whilst walking through deep snow for several hours has left them exhausted and their immediate priority is to get warm and prepare some food and hot drinks.

Al and Danny are suffering a little with mountain sickness, all have mild headaches, and their faces are burned due to the strong sunshine reflecting off the snow, but other than that they are feeling good and morale is high!

Brendan carried Simon's flag today and the team are feeling more determined than ever to return his flag to the summit!

They will try to get as much rest and sleep now to prepare for the possible summit bid in a few hours time...

More snow is expected overnight and the team will re-check the weather forecast at 3am. If it is favourable they will start their ascent just before first light at around 5am (8am GMT)

We shall keep you all updated!!

#FollowTheFlag #ACO2018 #RMfamily

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