#FollowTheFlag... Day 11

Published Friday, 19th January 2018

The team have spent Day 11 at Camp Guanacos acclimatising and preparing for their summit bid!

Al handed the flag to Jason this morning and it has been their focus for much of the day knowing that they are now so close to completing this epic journey!

The team made a phone call on Inmarsat's #iSatPhone2 to Simon's Dad, Mike Brooke, this evening which has provided them all with the extra bit of strength and determination they require for the final push to the 'Roof of the Americas'!

The snow has been falling steadily all day and thick cloud has caused near white-out conditions at times but the team are all in very high spirits and feeling strong.

Being at 5400m (17,700ft) is not without its trials however, moving slowly is essential and everything takes so much more time and effort.

The team have to walk about 300m to collect clean snow and carry it back to the tents to melt for their fluids, which is an exhausting exercise at this altitude where the air is so much thinner.

Lack of sleep and appetite are other common side effects of being at high altitude so it's crucial that they force themselves to rest, eat and hydrate as much as possible to be fit to complete the expedition.

The weather forecast looks favourable for the morning, so if the team all feel ready to make the summit attempt they will move to Camp Colera (5970m) at 10am, the launching platform for the summit bid!

#FollowTheFlag #ACO2018 #RMfamily #BeyondInjury

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