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Published Friday, 12th January 2018

The team had a very early start on Day 3 of their journey to the 'Roof of the Americas' in an attempt to avoid the hottest part of the day where temperatures soared to 38°C.

Brendan passed the flag to Danny for its onward journey to Base Camp.

Danny admits that it was an emotional experience carrying the flag: "It had been a bit of a difficult day but having the flag in my bag gave me something else to focus on.... my thoughts turned to Simon."

The day started with a river crossing on mules to enter the Relinchos valley, initially a steep narrow canyon that eventually leads to a broader hanging valley.

Rich confessed that he found the experience terrifying having had no previous experience on a horse, and it was not something he wanted to repeat anytime soon!

The team climbed an epic 950m and reached Base Camp at Plaza Argentinas (4200m) by early afternoon where they said a fond farewell to the mules. They will now be carrying all their own equipment for the remainder of the expedition.

They enjoyed spectacular views of the route ahead but the weather soon deteriorated as it began to sleet, and temperatures dropped to around 0°C during the night.

Day 4 has been a much needed rest and acclimatisation day and the team have spent the day preparing for the long hard slog tomorrow where they will carry their equipment up to Camp 1 before descending back to Base Camp to sleep.

Danny handed the flag to Rich this morning.

Rich said: "Simon's story continues to inspire and motivate the team and we feel so proud to be carrying his flag with us.

We would like to say thank you to Mike, Pippa and James for sharing his story and photos of his journey with us.

Our thoughts are with you all"

#FollowTheFlag #ACO2018 #RMfamily #BeyondInjury

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