**Countdown to EVEREST 2019: 4 Weeks to Go!

Published Sunday, 3rd March 2019


There are just 4 weeks to go until Team Everest set off to climb the World's highest mountain!

Months of hard work, training and preparation is almost at an end as Rich, Joe, Brendan, Scott and Tom count down to the start of this ultimate challenge.

We are absolutely delighted to share this song, written and performed by former Hull FC Star Sammy Lloyd for the Everest project.

Sammy has been a huge supporter of 65 Degrees North for a couple of years now, and even joined the team in the Pyrenees where he sang 'One More Hill' at the top of a very big hill (where else!?) to spur on the Raid 17 cyclists!

Sammy, who has organised a couple of epic challenges himself recently, encouraging friends and family to get involved and join him for sponsored walks and bike rides said:

"I am an avid fan of 65 Degrees North which has been a motivator to raise some money for The Royal Marines Charity over the last couple of years engaging in less taxing missions such as hikes and cycling trips etc!

When I saw what our wounded and injured servicemen and women are capable of achieving by participating in these arduous and challenging adventures with 65 Degrees North it enabled me to engage in a new passion of mine - song writing. My buddy and I wrote 'One More Hill' for Raid '17, and Munda Biddi '18. I tend to cobble the chords together then concentrate on the lyrics..... I haven't a clue if that is the right way but it gets the job done!"

We absolutely love it Sammy and are so grateful for your incredible support!

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