Rehabilitation Through Adventure

Update From the Mountain..

Update From the Mountain..

*Wednesday 11th January at 11.30pm

Rich called from Mt Vinson with the latest update from the team:
“We have just reached Camp 1 (2,770m/9,100ft)

and have pitched the tents after a particularly challenging morning negotiating the crevasses and seracs.
We are just having some food and morale is high… the mountain is HUGE!!!
Weather conditions are good, but cold, and the temperature is around -20°C with light winds.
We have a big day ahead of us tomorrow and will be carrying some heavy weights up the mountain in order to take the supplies to high camp, where we will spend some time acclimatising before coming back down to camp 1.

The team are all safe and well, and everyone is looking forward to the challenging day ahead of them tomorrow…”