Rehabilitation Through Adventure

Update from Team Denali:

Update from Team Denali:

Yesterday (Day 5) the team carried loads up a long hill on the Kahiltna Glacier known as “Ski Hill.”
They continued north to a spot just below Kahiltna Pass, a low point between Denali and the long, westernmost ridgeline of the Alaska Range that includes the peaks Kahiltna Dome and Mount Foraker.

The team dug a deep pit in the snow and buried their supplies to (hopefully!) prevent marauding ravens from digging into their kit and stealing food.
After carefully marking the location of their cache of equipment and supplies, they descended back to Camp 1 for the night.
This process is often referred to as, “climbing high and sleeping low.” It enables the climbers to ferry the large quantity of food, fuel and supplies necessary for a 3-week expedition further up the mountain and it helps ease them into higher elevations, by giving their bodies a bit of acclimatization before they commit to a higher camp.

Today (Day 6), they will repeat the uphill segment of yesterday’s “carry,” and then continue up another 300m to place camp (Camp 3) in a beautiful basin at about 11,200ft (3114m).

Photo and update courtesy of Mountain Trip