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The Raid 17 Team - Day 4: Part 1

The Raid 17 Team – Day 4: Part 1

A beautiful day greeted the team as they prepared for the challenging day ahead of them which would see them cover 96km and 3000m of climbing.

The 19km climb to the top of the iconic Col du Tourmelet pushed the team to their absolute limits and every single one of them gave it everything they had.

It was an emotional moment when Chris arrived at the top of the Col on his hand-bike, much applauded by everyone, along with Carl Hallam, who at 74 years young is the oldest member of the team! 

It was extremely cold and windy at the top so the team did not hang around long before setting off on the long descent to the bottom of the Col and another long hard push to the top of Col d’Aspin where they would enjoy lunch overlooking the spectacular valleys below.