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Team EVEREST 2019: To Absent Friends

Team EVEREST 2019: To Absent Friends

Eight years ago today Scott’s life changed forever…

In 2011 Scott deployed to Afghanistan with Lima Company 42 on Operation Herrick 14. Whilst on tour Scott was involved in an IED blast which left him blind in his right eye.
He also lost a close friend that day.

Tonight the team have toasted that absent friend.

Scott was medically discharged in 2013 from a career that he loved. Today he is part of the team that is attempting to summit Everest.

Scott continues to challenge himself to prove to others, that despite injuries, physical or psychological, it is possible to achieve great things.

We are so proud of everything Scott has achieved, his commitment and dedication to the team, and his incredible determination and sense of humour no matter how grim things sometimes get!

RIP Nigel Dean Mead (Deano)

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