Rehabilitation Through Adventure

Team EVEREST 2019: Back at Base Camp

Team EVEREST 2019: Back at Base Camp


The team have now arrived back at Base Camp.
In a dramatic twist this morning Scott was flown from Camp 2, via Base camp accompanied by Rich, then straight to hospital as his feet needed immediate treatment for frostbite.
The doctor has ensured Scott that he will be fine but will keep him in for observation for the next couple of days.

Windchill temperatures reached as low -55*C at the summit. At that temperature any exposed skin will develop frostbite within 2-5 minutes.

Rich and Leesa walked towards the Icefall to welcome Joe, Brendan, Tom and Eli.
Rich had a bag of treats ready to hand out which was well received, then everyone made their way back to Base Camp together where the Sherpas were waiting to congratulate them all.

They are all extremely tired but delighted to be back at Base Camp where they can now relax and catch up with friends and family, thanks to Inmarsat, and tell them all about their incredible adventure!

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