Rehabilitation Through Adventure

Team Denali: Joe Winch - Recovering

Team Denali: Joe Winch – Recovering

Joe’s world catastrophically fell apart when he was struck down by acute Complex Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).
His world became a dark, chaotic and terrifying place, and within a few months the PTSD totally destroyed everything he thought was true and real about himself and his existence.

The opportunity to join Team Denali gave Joe the chance to rediscover himself again in an environment where he could trust his own instincts and judgement, and feel alive again:
“The mountains have always provided me with sanctuary; a place of great solitude, of incredible beauty, and of peace. Even at their most fierce, when the exposure has been greatest and the risks most profound, I have still found the mountains yield the most extraordinary opportunities for adventure and personal discovery.
For me, this journey – being in the mountains – is to choose life, and struggle, and to never ever give in.”

Joe is determined to use his recovery pathway to both improve awareness of Complex PTSD, and the support given to those with mental health injuries.
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This is Joe’s poem …

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