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Team Denali: Day 15 - Keeping Spirits High at Camp 4!

Team Denali: Day 15 – Keeping Spirits High at Camp 4!

A break in the weather on Day 15 meant Team Denali were able to get out of their tents and enjoy the spectacular views of the mountains surrounding them – Camp 4 sits in the expansive Genet Basin where the walls come up on 3 sides, almost a vertical mile, all around them.
The wind calmed down and the sun came out lifting everyones spirits.

They have been spending their time socialising with other groups, also waiting out the storm at Camp 4, which is possibly the worst storm Denali has seen in about 20 years!

Joe, Rich, Scott, Jonnie and Brendan got stuck in and made a snowman, Royal Marines style, especially for Joe’s son Alfie and all the other ‘Bumblebees’ at Alverstoke Infants School, who are eagerly following the team’s progress and have been asking lots of excellent and interesting questions!

The wind could be heard howling high up above them and the weather forecast is still not looking favourable for the next couple of days.
The team will continue to sit tight and use their time reviewing the skills they require higher up the mountain, watching the weather closely for an opportunity to make a move.

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