Rehabilitation Through Adventure

'Research Experts Supporting 65 Degrees North'

‘Research Experts Supporting 65 Degrees North’

An incredible team of research experts are supporting 65 Degrees North to ensure the best possible chance of accomplishing the World First Record attempt.

The research experts at Swansea University, which includes Patron Associate Professor Dr Liam Kilduff, are offering support with physical and mental fitness, nutritional care and sleep pattern monitoring, all of which are key factors in the overall success of the expedition.

World-renowned expert on animal tracking, Professor Rory Wilson from Swansea University’s College of Science will monitor the team’s heart rate and stress levels by tagging them with a tiny tag which was developed by Dr Mark Holton.

*News story from February 2015


Pictured (l-r) Pete Bowker & Dr Meinir Jones (65 Degrees North); Dr Steve Mellalieu, Dr Liam Kilduff, Dr Melitta McNarry and Dr Kelly Mackintosh (Swansea University sports science)


Prof Rory Wilson (centre) and Dr Mark Holton (right) with one of the tracking tags that Pete Bowker (left) and team will wear