Rehabilitation Through Adventure
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    Adventure can play a vital role in rehabilitation; forging bonds through shared adversity and increasing skills through new and challenging experiences.  Donate Now
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Raid '17

In September 2017 65 Degrees North took a team of seventeen riders from coast-to-coast along some of the toughest roads in the Pyrenees.

Starting on a beach by the Atlantic and finishing in the warm waters of the Mediterranean, such a route is known in the cycling world as a ‘Raid’.

Raid ’17 was a journey in a number of ways. It was physically a journey of some 720km (450 miles) climbing at least 11,000m (36,000ft) of hill and mountain, and on many days following in the tracks made famous by of the Tour de France.

It was also a journey for all the individuals who made up the mini-peloton. Each rider had to overcome significant challenges in order to achieve the levels of fitness and skill required to get to the start line, and all suffered pain and hardship at different levels during the seven day ride.

Raid ’17 was a true demonstration of ‘Rehabilitation Through Adventure’.

65DN hopes that this endeavour will encourage many veterans who wish to challenge themselves and prove yet again that there is life beyond injury.


“Raid ’17 will be an immense test of physical and mental endurance for all who participate. It will be a true journey of discovery which will have lasting effects”

~ Jonathan Thomson, 65DN Patron

Raid '17