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We would like to thank Izabella for her continued support and dedication to the team




Izabella Niewiadomska

photoIzabella is a Performance Nutrition & Wellness Coach and she has been working as an Independent Herbalife Member for over 23 years. Through her ‘Total Wellness’ business she helps people to embrace the Healthy Active Lifestyle and understand how what we eat and how we think has a major impact on our energy, overall well-being and performance in our personal, family and professional lives.

 Izabella’s passion for nutrition was triggered when stress caused her own health to deteriorate more than 29 years ago, and she now shares the lessons she learned in order to help others.
She is the author of the upcoming book ‘Stop Dieting, Start Eating’. 
Her story ‘From Untrained To Ultra’ has been recently published in the Women’s Fitness magazine. 
Izabella will be taking on her own challenges for charity this year : a 100k ultra run and her own Kilimanjaro Challenge.
Please visit Izabella’s website for further information about the services she provides.