Rehabilitation Through Adventure

'Norway Training...... Medical Exercise'

‘Norway Training…… Medical Exercise’

After a morning practising cooker and tent skills the team packed their pulks and headed for the mountains led by their guide Helge, affectionately known as ‘H’.
The team’s capacity to respond to an emergency situation was put to the test when a medical exercise was initiated by H falling over.

Team Doctor Meinir assessed the casualty and it was quickly realised that H had seriously injured his leg.
Decisions were made to call for help using the sat phone, erect a tent for shelter, and stabilise the casualty simultaneously.
Ski poles and pulk bungees were used to create a splint, and H was rolled onto a pulk and transferred to the tent for further evaluation, shelter and pain relief.

The team dynamics was faultless and roles were quickly delegated with a clear chain of command, giving H confidence in the team’s ability to work together in a crisis