Rehabilitation Through Adventure

“Loss of limb is visible; PTSD is not….”

Danny’s Story

Daniel Team PicDanny joined the Royal Marines in 2003 at the age of 17.
As a child he was always happiest running about in the woods and looking for adventure.
It was his dream to be a Royal Marine Commando and he was under no illusion about the realities of war.

Upon completion of training he was drafted to 42 Commando and became a member of 5 Troop Lima Company, before being selected for the elite Reconnaissance Troop.

Danny deployed to Afghanistan for Operation Herrick 5, to the notorious Helmand Province and a particularly busy tour.
He was awarded the Military Cross for bravery but started displaying signs and symptoms of PTSD soon after when the impact of losing 6 men from his unit, all very close friends, began to take effect on him.

Danny was prescribed medication but was very reluctant to admit that there was anything wrong.
He was again deployed to Afghanistan for Operation Herrick 9, where the vehicle he was travelling behind was hit by an IED, killing 2 of his closest friends and seriously injuring his Team Leader.
He was flown home as a casualty to be later diagnosed with PTSD, anxiety and depression.

Many dark days followed and he was prescribed 3 types of anti-depressant and underwent Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) which left him feeling extremely rough.
Already suffering from flashbacks, bad dreams and periods of extreme lows Danny did not want to relive those experiences.

He gradually began to manage his own treatment by finding peace in the outdoors he loved as a child.
Taking part in adventurous challenge allows Danny to overcome adversity and reinforce his belief that he can achieve anything!

He still suffers and struggles with PTSD; despite this he believes that positive outcomes can, and will impact on his future.

With no visible wounds he finds it hard to explain himself;
“Loss of limb is visible; PTSD is not….”

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