Rehabilitation Through Adventure
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    The Royal Marines is a Corps Family. With the help of The Royal Marines Charity it can take care of its own through hard times, ill-health, old age and late-onset post-traumatic stress arising from the mental scarring of war.  Donate Now
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    ‘Conquering Kili’ was undertaken to raise awareness of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and breakdown the barriers of this complex and debilitating condition. Loss of limb is visible; PTSD is not …      Donate Now
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    By promoting the ‘Spirit of Adventure’ to overcome physical and mental disability 65DN aim to inspire and motivate others to overcome, achieve and succeed.    Donate Now

'Conquering Kili'

In February 2016 65DN successfully summited Mt. Kilimanjaro, the World’s highest freestanding mountain.

At 5,985m (19,336ft) high it is also the highest mountain on the African continent.

Loss of limb is visible, PTSD is not…..

PTSD can affect anyone who is exposed to an extraordinary life-threatening situation which is perceived with intense fear, horror and helplessness. It is a normal reaction to extreme trauma and it is vital to de-stigmatise the condition in order for sufferers to seek early diagnosis and treatment.

Many sufferers do not recognise their symptoms or realise they are treatable, others try to hide it because they feel ashamed or guilty. As a consequence their situation deteriorates destroying the lives of the individual and their families. 

‘Conquering Kili’ was undertaken to promote disability awareness and recognise the impact of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)


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65 Degrees North are proud to be supported by The Endeavour Fund


“In 23 years I have not been able to speak about my darkest moments and share them like I have been able to on this expedition… It has helped immensely and gone a long way to aid my recovery” 

~ WO2 Mark Stevens RM

Conquering Kili... The Journey