Rehabilitation Through Adventure

'Katabatic Wind and Blisters....'

‘Katabatic Wind and Blisters….’

The team smashed 24km on Day 4 of their epic trek across the Ice Cap and they reached ‘Dog Camp’, just beyond the crevasse zone.

Team morale was extremely high despite battling against energy sapping katabatic winds, difficult terrain and sore hands and feet.

Day 5 began at about 5am and the team put skis on their pulks to help them conserve energy.

Dr Stephen Mellalieu, Psychologist at Swansea University, had a catch up with Meinir via the IsatPhone and was reassured to hear how well she is coping mentally after her fall down a crevasse.

It was another challenging day for the team, battling against strong katabatic winds and temperatures of -20°C, slowing down their progress.

The extreme weather conditions and long hours skiing is already starting to cause issues with Peter’s stump. After skiing a short distance Peter developed blisters and a decision was made to set up camp early so Team Doctor Meinir could assess and treat him.

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