Rehabilitation Through Adventure

It's Real...

It’s Real…

It’s real… Antarctica’s paperwork is now signed and completed by the team!

In just 4 months time 65 Degrees North will set out to summit one of the coldest, most remote places on Earth: Antarctica’s Mount Vinson.

This expedition will test the fortitude and resilience of the team to their absolute limits in an environment so hostile that it has no permanent inhabitants, and offers a major challenge due to the harshness of its climate, its extremely remote location and a summertime sun that never sets.

Lying deep within the frozen Antarctic continent of the Ellsworth Mountains, a mere 600 miles from the South Pole, Mt Vinson stands at 4,892 metres (16,050 ft) tall. However the altitude is felt more intensely here due to the low barometric pressure and feels more like 18,000ft.

The weather will be the biggest threat to the team, with night-time low temperatures typically reaching -40°c, and strong katabatic winds resulting in a brutally cold windchill factor of up to -70°c.

The focus of this expedition is to change the perception of physical and mental disability through the ‘Spirit of Adventure’ and to inspire and motivate others to overcome, achieve and succeed.

All money raised through this project will go to The Royal Marines Charity which provides the best possible through life charitable support for the Royal Marines, their families, veterans and cadets.
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