Rehabilitation Through Adventure

Greenland 2015

Greenland 2015

At 01.36am on June 4th 2015 Peter Bowker, an amputee from the recent conflict in Afghanistan, and the team of 65 Degrees North successfully recorded the:


65 Degrees North pitted their resolve and steadfast determination against the fearsome environment of the Greenland ice cap. They relied on fitness and mental grit to overcome temperatures of -37°c and the ever present threat of fatigue and resident polar bears.

The unsupported team covered the near 600km (372 miles) crossing of the ice cap from Kangerlussuaq in the West to Kulusuk in the East.

They crossed the ice cap on skis, pulling pulks, containing their food, clothing and survival equipment for their world record attempt.

This demanding endeavour encompassed the ‘spirit of adventure’ and tested the resilience and fortitude of the team to the limit.

**Funded by HM Treasury Using Libor Funds



65 Degrees North are proud to be supported by The Endeavour Fund

“This incredible challenge pushed me to the absolute limit. Despite the horrendous conditions and constant pain, I was determined to complete and I had a great team supporting me. I hope that other wounded guys will look beyond their own injuries and draw the motivation to push their own limits…”

~ Peter Bowker QDG

Immense Support for the 'World Record Attempt'

We would like to say a very big thank you to everyone who supported the team for the 'World Record Attempt"