Rehabilitation Through Adventure

'Day 16... Blue Skies & Gale Force Winds'

‘Day 16… Blue Skies & Gale Force Winds’

Peter and the team made excellent progress on the morning of Day 16.

Waking up to blue skies and an early morning phone call from actress Amanda Mealing left them feeling ready to take on another very long day of skiing.

A breakfast of hot porridge oats and dried fruit set the team up for the long day ahead.
They need to consume approximately 6000 calories a day to provide the energy required for the physical and mental demands of this epic challenge.

The Nutrition Sponsorship Team have provided plenty of products to ensure the team have a well balanced, high protein diet with as much variety in flavours as possible in these extreme conditions.

They had skied 20km by 2pm local time but extremely strong gale force winds forced the team to stop and set up camp earlier than anticipated.

They are about a day away from the summit, climbing to a height of approximately 2,500 metres above sea level.

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Pete Rich