Rehabilitation Through Adventure

'Day 14.... Horrendous Storm Conditions'

‘Day 14…. Horrendous Storm Conditions’

These are images of the horrendous storm that prevented the team from progressing with their epic trek across Greenland on Day 14.

The team had prepared the camp in readiness the previous night, digging trenches and building snow walls for added protection.

They had no choice other than to sit it out and wait, digging themselves out every hour, as any movement from the tents would have been quite dangerous.

Despite these extreme conditions Peter managed to chat to Siany on The Wave 96.4FM via the #IsatPhone2.

It was very reassuring to hear Peter’s voice and learn how the team were all coping with the conditions.

The incredible suport package provided by Inmarsat has not only hugely enhanced the safety and wellbeing of the team, but has also enabled us to share every moment of this World First Record attempt!

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