Rehabilitation Through Adventure

'Day 13.... Exploring DYE II'

‘Day 13…. Exploring DYE II’

The team arrived at DYE II at 10.29hrs local time, on Day 13 of their epic trek, 3 days later than planned but in very high spirits!

At 2,200 metres above sea level this deserted American radar station resembles a science-fiction film set, towering 30 metres into the sky, in the middle of a frozen wilderness 200km from the edge of the ice cap.

The team spent about an hour exploring this huge, empty building which used to accommodate 40 – 60 people all year round at the height of the Cold War.

It was one of a system of radar stations known as The Distant Early Warning Line, or DEW Line, which was set up to detect incoming Soviet bombers and provide early warning of any sea-and-land invasion.

It was abandoned suddenly in 1988 and resembles a ghost station; plates still remain on the table and food in the oven!
Due to the accumulation of drifting snow the building appears to be sinking into the ice.

Ex Royal Marines, Richard and Mick, proudly displayed the Corps flag at DYE II and this special moment in time which they will never forget, was captured on camera to share with the world!

Peter and the team even signed the visitors book which was used during the Cold War!DYE IIIMG-20150524-WA0018IMG-20150524-WA0004IMG-20150524-WA0005IMG-20150524-WA0007IMG-20150524-WA0008IMG-20150524-WA0015IMG-20150524-WA0003