Rehabilitation Through Adventure

*Countdown to Munda Biddi '18: 7 weeks to go!

*Countdown to Munda Biddi ’18: 7 weeks to go!

The MB18 Team are busy preparing for their epic adventure which will see them cycle over 1000km on the World’s longest off-road mountain bike trail unsupported in 13 days or less!

Australia’s Munda Biddi Trail will provide them all with the opportunity to push themselves physically and mentally.
The challenging terrain including pea gravel, at times too deep to ride, and patches of sand along the way, combined with the generally undulating terrain will ensure the team will endure plenty of sweat, toil and hardship!

They will all be carrying their own kit and will need to pack as lightly as possible as any extra weight will slow them down.
65 Degrees North Patron and MB18 Team Leader Jonathan Thomson, who has been experimenting with the best way to pack his kit and training with a fully loaded bike in preparation for this incredible challenge, which is supported by the Endeavour Fund said:
“Out with the full load today, 74km and 2,2027ft of climb, so there were a few bumps. I was reminded that gravel, heavy loads and rear brakes are not a good combination!”

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