Rehabilitation Through Adventure

Countdown to MB'18: One Week to Go!

Countdown to MB’18: One Week to Go!

Months of preparation and training are almost at an end for Team MB’18.

In a week’s time they will be heading for Australia where they will set out to cycle the ancient and wild Munda Biddi trail that runs from Mundaring, near Perth, to Albany on the South Coast.

This epic challenge will see the team cover 1,070km, unsupported, in less than 14 days.

The recent Gower training provided Team MB’18 with the opportunity to fully test their kit and equipment.
It was also the first time that they had cycled together as a team, and many valuable lessons were learned.
Expert advice and guidance was provided by Dan Holley from Pedal Passion and Gareth Rowlands from Cycle-tec throughout the 2 days. 

To complete the training package, the conference room at the ibis Swansea, provided the perfect space for the team to explore any outstanding issues, concerns and arrangements.

They were joined by Professor David Shearer, an expert in Psychology of Extreme Sport, from the University of South Wales. David regularly advises 65 Degrees North team members how to maximise their performance while undergoing extreme challenge, and how their experiences can translate to everyday live.
He gave a short introduction as to why some athletes perform better than others when all are mostly prepared in much the same way, and then opened the floor to discussion.

A confident and excited Team MB’18 left Swansea, ready to take on the arduous adventure that lies ahead!
Please follow their journey and wish them all the very best of luck!

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