Rehabilitation Through Adventure

*Countdown to Everest: Meet the Team!

*Countdown to Everest: Meet the Team!

In just 16 weeks time, Team Everest will set out to summit the highest mountain on our planet!

Brendan, Scott, Joe, Tom and Richie will climb further and higher than they have ever climbed before.
They will have to battle sub-freezing temperatures, as low as -60ºC, the effects of high altitude, and the possibility of sudden, and unpredictable, storms and avalanches.
The expedition to the ‘Top of the World’ will take 2 months to complete and frostbite, snow blindness and hypothermia are all major threats that they will need to prepare for.

To find out more about the team taking on this extreme challenge please visit our website >>

65 Degrees North aims to offer our wounded, and damaged, servicemen and women, the opportunity to participate in challenging and adventurous activities to aid and enhance their recovery, and to prove to them that they are capable of much more than they realise!

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