Rehabilitation Through Adventure

*Countdown to EVEREST 2019: 9 Weeks to GO!

*Countdown to EVEREST 2019: 9 Weeks to GO!

With just 9 weeks to go before Team Everest set off to summit the highest mountain on Earth, we are excited to announce that the team will now be able to confidently capture some incredible images and footage on their phones, even in the most testing situations, thanks to the ‘adventure proof’ cases provided by Mous!

At high altitude, in sub-zero temperatures and potentially seriously challenging conditions, the last thing the team want to worry about is dropping their phones on rock, ice and snow!

65DN Founder and Team Leader Rich Morgan said: “We are delighted that Mous have provided us with their incredible phone cases. The team have recently put them to the test on Mt Blanc and we are all happy to report that there are no concerns about using our phones whilst climbing Mt Everest, so expect lots of photos and selfies throughout the expedition!”

The team are undertaking this extreme challenge to raise funds for The Royal Marines Charity

If you would like to make a donation please visit our JustGiving Page and leave a message for the team! >

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