Rehabilitation Through Adventure

'Conquering Kili' ~ Day 4 ... Climbing The Barranco Wall!

‘Conquering Kili’ ~ Day 4 … Climbing The Barranco Wall!

Stunning views of a snow-capped Kibo greeted the team when they rose for breakfast on Day 4 of ‘Conquering KIli’

A mixture of excitement and trepidation rippled through the team as they prepared to climb the spectacular Barranco Wall to reach Karranga Camp nestling high in the Karranga Valley.

Sunshine and showers with a threat of a heavy rain and thunderstorms for the afternoon was forecast, and the team packed their daysacks accordingly.

Despite continued lack of sleep and headaches for the majority of the team they were in very high spirits and ready to take on the 300m Barranco Wall!
Poles were packed away as all 4 limbs were required for the slow scramble up the steep and formidable wall.

The challenging rocky terrain and narrow pathways gave the team plenty of opportunity to support and help each other; and the constant cries of ‘Pole Pole’ from the guides ensured they kept a slow and steady pace.

Unfortunately Kath took a tumble and injured her knee, but was quickly tended to by team Dr Jon.
Despite obvious pain, Kath dug deep and continued the arduous journey, cajoled along by one of the incredible porters and the rest of the team.

The team reached Karranga Camp just moments before heavy rainfall and a distant thunderstorm struck, providing some magnificent scenes from the shelter of their tents.

A late afternoon sun provided an opportunity to dry out kit and sleeping bags beneath breathtaking views of the mountain and the team spent the remainder of the day relaxing in readiness for the demanding final push to the summit which was fast approaching.