Rehabilitation Through Adventure
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    By promoting the ‘Spirit of Adventure’ to overcome physical and mental disability 65DN aims to inspire and motivate others to overcome, achieve and succeed.Donate Now
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    Adventure can play a vital role in rehabilitation; forging bonds through shared adversity and increasing skills through new and challenging experiences.Donate Now
  • Featured Causes
    65DN aims to inspire and motivate others to participate in sporting and adventurous challenge and change the perception of mental and physical disability.Donate Now

Mt. Vinson - Antarctica

In January 2017 65 Degrees North set out to summit

‘The Top of the Bottom of the World!’

At 16:30 (GMT-3) on Sunday January 15th 2017 the 5-strong team stood on the summit of Mt. Vinson!

At 16,050ft (4892m) Mt. Vinson is one the coldest, most remote places on Earth… 

65DN pit their resolve and steadfast determination against the coldest, windiest continent on Earth as they relied on fitness and mental grit to overcome the ferocious and hostile environment of Antarctica.

Strong katabatic winds off the polar plateau, brutally low wind-chill temperatures, extreme remote conditions, 24 hours of daylight, high altitude and the threat of loose slab and snow avalanches challenged the team both mentally and physically.

The unsupported team covered the distance from their drop off point and crossed the ‘white wilderness’ to the frozen continent’s highest mountain; pulling pulks containing their food, clothing, climbing and survival equipment for their summit attempt.

This demanding endeavour encompassed the ‘Spirit of Adventure’ and tested the resilience and fortitude of the team to its absolute limit.

**Funded by HM Treasury Using Libor Funds


“This expedition is extreme in many ways; it is the ultimate test… Going to the edge and finding the limit!”

~ Richard Morgan, 65DN Founder

Top of the Bottom of the World!