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Inmarsat Provides Complete Support Package Again..

Inmarsat Provides Complete Support Package Again..

We are delighted to announce that Inmarsat, the leading provider of mobile satellite communications, has once again offered the team their complete support.

The package they are providing will unquestionably enhance the safety of the team and the success of this demanding challenge to the coldest, most hostile continent on Earth.

The IsatPhone2IsatHub and BGAN will enable us to maintain consistent and reliable contact with the outside world and update social media in real time.
Crucially, it means if there are any medical issues, the team will be able to communicate with the UK based support team, even in the most extreme weather conditions.

The team tested the kit fully, in horrendous conditions, for the World record crossing of the Greenland ice cap in 2015, with complete success.

We would like to thank everyone at Inmarsat for their time and continued support and look forward to sharing our journey to the ‘Top of the Bottom of the World’!